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Community development is a universal approach based on values of empowerment, [...]


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Cultural Heritage is a source of knowledge and plays a significant role in conveying social, [...]

We are a non-profit organization which is formed by teachers and academics, scholars, trainers, legal consultants, and cultural researchers. Throughout their growth, the founders of our organization and directors have been devoted to academic research and professional development.
We are Canadian citizens originally from Albania, with an extensive experience in our field of expertise. Thou, being aware of the issues surrounding Albanian Communities, we built ACDA to support and represent our people to succeed in their lives.
As we move in life, from experience to experience, and migrating from Albanian to Canada, we gathered ourselves and found this organization to help both our communities abroad and Albania.
Living and working in Toronto, we created the Albanian Canadian Development Alternative (ACDA) in May 2021.

The issue of the right of Albanian immigrants to vote in Albania’s elections has always been accompanied by ambiguity,...
ACDA in collaboration with  RH Scholarship is organizing the premiere in Toronto, of the documentary “Butterflies‘‘, written and directed...